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We always welcome your feedback which is important to us because it helps us to understand what we do well & how we can improve.

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Here is feedback from our input to education, business, conferences, public & community events. It is divided into relevant sections for clarity. Use the following quicklinks to access the feedback you need to read:

[Male Western Hognose Snake - Meet The Beasts]
[Male Western Hognose Snake - Meet The Beasts]
[Male Western Hognose Snake - Meet The Beasts]
[Male Western Hognose Snake - Meet The Beasts]

Feedback from Schools, Academies & Colleges

Staff, students & pupils love to tell us about our visits, in their own words.

"Everyone is still talking about Friday and how they enjoyed interacting with your friends and how accommodating you are. I love your talk at the start of the sessions and how you work on building confidence."

Science Teacher, Rushey Mead Academy, Leicester

"Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! The children loved it (as did I). We created some information booklets after you left which were full of facts :) It was hands on, engaging, exciting and interesting for the children."

Teacher: Sandringham Primary School, Doncaster

"I've wanted a pet for a long time but can't have dogs or cats because I'm allergic to their hairs. Today I have fallen in love with your reptiles, especially Beardie. I'm going to ask whether I can have one of my own!  I've loved holding her and could really enjoy looking after her. Thanks."

Year 11 Pupil: Rushey Mead School, Leicester

"I've always been interested in reptiles but never seen them this close and to hold them ... can't say I'll buy one for myself because I don't have time to look after them, but I love them even more! Thanks for bringing them in for us to enjoy!"

Member of Staff: Leicester City College

"We have a thing, snakes and me: I love them, they love me. I love seeing them in the wild when I go to visit my relatives in Africa. I'm definitely getting one but need to convince mum first! Thanks for letting me hold your lovely animals."

Year 8 (girl) Pupil: Abington High School, Leicester

"Hi Stuart, Thank you so much for coming in and everything that you did with the pupils. They absolutely loved it! We will definitely be looking at booking for events with you both! Thank you for the pictures, I will have a look now :)"

Teacher;  St Mary's Catholic High School, Astley, Wigan

"We've had other groups doing similar things with our students before, but none of them engaged them like you did. They are still buzzing. Even some of our more challenging students have visibly changed. Thank you!"

Teacher: Abington High School, Leicester

"Stuart, you went more than the extra mile with our groups. Thanks for giving us, more than our monies worth, really appreciated!"

Science Teacher: St Martin's Catholic School, Hinckley, Leics

"Wow! What a day. There have been some miracles today as the least likely children have run up & told me they've handled a snake. Great service with real sensitivity. We loved the way you worked at each individual child's pace. Thank you so much."

Teacher; Gateway Primary School, Westminster, London

"Our Foundation students were spellbound. They don't get chance to see such lovely animals up-close, certainly not to touch & hold them. We're going on an outing to a local adventure park next week & I think many more will now want to visit the reptile & insect houses. Thank you."

Teacher;  Bush Hill Primary School, Enfield, London

"I NEVER thought I could touch a snake, let alone hold it. Thank you for your patience. You don't realise how much of an achievement for me this is!"

Teacher in Staff Room; Bush Hill Primary School, Enfield, London

"The difference between Meet The Beasts & other companies we've had is that you bond immediately with the children, relate on their level, hold their interest & leave them buzzing with a sense of achievement. We will be asking you back."

Teacher; Broadfields Primary School, Edgware, London

"Children & teachers had a brilliant time. Real breakthroughs with some of our most shy & timid children. Thank you."

Teacher; Bush Hill Primary School, Enfield, London

"One little girl who had been suffering from heart palpitations & sweats of fear over the past two days at the thought of seeing a snake, left today with a smile on her face as she told me she'd held Geoff the Boa, by herself FIVE times! Her mum won't believe it until we show her the photo!"

Teacher; Broadfields Primary School, Edgware, London

"The students were left 'buzzing' and thoroughly enjoyed your sessions. Your enthusiasm and patience made the sessions even more enjoyable. Your range of reptiles made it very different to other sessions that are available and we appreciated the extras you did. We look forward to working with you again in the near future."

Science Teacher: Rushey Mead School, Leicester

"We learnt where the animals live naturally, what they would normally eat and how to look after them. What a treat!"

Head Teacher: Broom Leys Primary School, Coalville, Leics

"Mummy! Mummy! I've held two snakes today!"

Year 3 Girl Pupil;  Broadfields Primary School, Edgware, London

"We all fell in love with Beardie! The staff loved her too. I was only sorry to have to give her back to you at the end of the lesson! Excellent!"

Science Teacher: St Martin's Catholic School, Hinckley, Leics

"Thank you! It was brilliant. The kids were really buzzing afterwards and I think you even managed to impress our most "grumpy" staff member! Thank you also for recognising that our kids are actually quite lovely."

Science Teacher: Abington High School, Leicester

"Before you came I was petrified of snakes but today I touched one and it felt quite nice. Thank you for helping me not be so scared. I don't think they're too bad now, but I still wouldn't keep one."

Year 9 Pupil: Bushloe High School, Leicester

"We've had [other company] in several times and they were great. But you were better and seemed more interested in what the children wanted and how they felt. Thank you. Will be in touch again."

Science Teacher: Bushloe High School, Leicester

"Thank you for bringing in your animals during Activities Week. The students really enjoyed the 'Hands On' experience. The science staff at Rushey appreciated your support and time. I know the students had lots of fun during your session."

Science Teacher: Rushey Mead School, Leicester

"You may not have realised it but we had 3 or 4 pupils with quite severe special needs in the group. I was amazed! They were still talking about your visit today and one girl took part who has never responded before. We had another group in earlier this week doing the same thing but the children were distracted and fidgety within 15 minutes. THANK YOU. I will be recommending Meet The Beasts to other teacher friends."

Year 1 Teacher: Shelton Infants School, Derby

"I was so impressed with your last visit that I was wondering whether you would be free to come back and do another Meet The Beasts road show this term?"

Science Teacher: Woodbrook Vale High School, Loughborough

"You may not remember me, but you came to my secondary school about 5 years ago. I was petrified of your animals, especially your snake. You helped me overcome my fears & I wanted to let you know that I am now studying Animal Husbandry at college. As you can see [holding Geoff] I love snakes now ... but not so sure about stick insects."

Former Student: Newbridge High School, Coalville

[Fruit Beetles Size Difference - Meet The Beasts]
[Giant Blue Fruit Beetle - Meet The Beasts]
[Green Jewel Beetle Purple Spot - Meet The Beasts]
[Purple Jewel Beetle - Meet The Beasts]

Letters from pupils

'Dear Stuart

Thank you for a wonderful day! Are you coming back? We had tons of fun; the animals were marvellous, I learnt so much information. It was an interesting day for all of us.

I found out a few animals that I never heard of like chihuahua mountain kingsnake; that one was my favourite snake. My favourite arachnid was the curly haired tarantula. Your leopard gecko was so cute. Paper was my favourite of the leopard gecko duo. Please can I keep Samba?

I hope Geoff grows to be a huge, tough and kind snake. It was great to see the reptiles, arachnids and bugs. It was the best day of my life.

By Storm'

'Dear Dr Stuart Wood,

Thank you for coming in and showing us your animals. They were wonderful!!

The animals were all different. Some of them crawled, some just sat there and the snakes slithered.

I held a snake and it felt rough and hard but I enjoyed it.

It was fun and interesting so thank you for coming.

From Jack'

'Dear Dr Stuart Wood

Thank you for bringing your animals in and sharing them with us. They were fascinating!!! The snakes were the best because of the scaly skin and the muscles.

I got a chance to hold a snake but I was a little scared. I managed to overcome my fears and I was proud of myself.

Once again thank you for bringing them and we would really like you to come again.

From Ben'

'Dear Dr Stuart Wood

Thank you for coming in and showing us your spiders, snakes, leopard gecko and the rest of your animals. Your animals were amazing!

The animals were amazing because they were all different, they moved differently and adapt in different ways. These are some of the facts from your talk.

My favourite animal was the boa constrictor because it was the only animal that I held and I was scared of animals too. My class had so much fun, we all learnt something new that we did not know about before.

Thank you again. We all enjoyed it. I got over my fear of snakes. Can you come again?

from Kelsey

Thank You'

'Dear Dr Stuart Wood

Thank you for bringing your lovely animals in to our school. I think the spiders were the best, because they were massive, and hairy. And if it bit you you would be in hospital or die. The spider's name was Samba and she was 15 years old. I was a little scared when I saw him but now I find him a friend.

I really enjoyed you coming and every one enjoyed you coming. Can you come back soon? It is because everyone enjoyed your visit and I learnt a lot.



NB. For those of you who are a bit worried about our tarantulas, this was just Kyron's take on what we actually said, which was, "They are not dangerous so you wouldn't end up in hospital or die even if they did bite." One word can make a big difference.

Dear Dr Stuart Wood

I am writing a letter to you because you gave our class a chance in a lifetime. Thank you for bringing your beautiful reptiles into school including the leopard gecko, snakes, tarantula scorpion and all the other mini beasts it was WONDERFUL!

The thing I found wonderful about the animals was the way they moved on my hands. When I was holding them I thought to my self, will it tickle me? The one that tickled me was the leopard gecko. Its feet was the part of the body that tickled me.

You told me and the class a lot of facts about all the exotic creatures. Everyone had a billion tonnes of fun and have learnt alot of things about animals that we've never heard of.

Believe it or not I had never ever held a snake before but because of your visit I have.

From Cameron


Meet our animals

See photographs of our animals at work

[Chihuahua Mountain Kingsnake - Meet The Beasts]
[Blairs Grey Banded Kingsnake - Meet The Beasts]
[Boa Constrictor Imperator - Meet The Beasts]
[Bairds Rat Snake - Meet The Beasts]

Feedback from Business

Our success in business settings is reflected by the feedback we receive.

"If you had told me this morning that I would be touching a snake today, let alone holding one, I would never have believed you. Thank you."

BB; Director; Business Consultancy based in Nottingham

"I have to let you know ... we were recapping events on Thursday & someone raised how the Meet the Beasts room had been so beneficial to some of the Mencap young ambassadors who came to you, in facing their fears & building their confidence. This was something we hadn’t banked on but was fabulous."

JP; Land Securities Group PLC, London

"I certainly didn’t think for one minute that I’d be able to handle a snake, but it was a really enjoyable experience and thank you for the opportunity."

LM; PA to Managing Director & Financial Director, Knauf-Insulation UK

"Hi Stuart, Thanks so much for your session – everyone absolutely loved the session! I will definitely keep you in mind for any future events we have!"

GF; Team Building Event Organiser, iD, London UK

See photographs of our animals at work

[Female Cobalt Blue Tarantula - Meet The Beasts]
[Female Indian Ornamental Tarantula - Meet The Beasts]
[Mexican Red Knee Tarantula - Meet The Beasts]
[Female Philippine Orange Tarantula - Meet The Beasts]

Feedback from Conferences & Exhibitions

Meet The Beasts enhances conferences, exhibitions & events for delegates, attendees & organisers.

"Thanks Stuart. All the feedback has been great and really positive. Apologies for not having more time to spend with you but it was all hands on deck."

CH; Director; zűtmedia, Liverpool

"Thanks Stuart for yesterday! Our delegates loved the experience!"

EH: Super Power Event, Kensington, London

"Hi Stuart, Thanks so much for Saturday it was a really great session. You had a really lovely way with the children and I know they had a fantastic time (no one ever expected them all to stay engaged for the full hour). The centre staff were really impressed and already talking about trying to book you again for some of there other groups. I will also send your details on to our link at the council so they forward it on to other similar projects. Best Wishes."

Holiday Club Leader;  HandMade Theatre, Nottingham

"You have made such a difference to our Moshi Monsters Day at the GCR today. People all over are talking about you & your animals. Every time I came in you were helping someone. You are on our list of 'must haves' for future events we run (if you'd like to come that is!)."

HS; Events Organiser; Great Central Railway, Loughborough

"I just want to say an enormous thank you for last Friday night and for your fantastic support. I must say it was the best launch event I have been to in my 20 years of working at Derby Museums and your presence with your incredible Geoff and Wesley made it even more special."

JD; Visitor Service Manager, Derby Museum

"I was the last lady to leave you on Halloween at Loughborough Great Central Railway Station sorry, it was the last train & I had to go! Just wanted to say thank you properly for a wonderful experience – it completely made my night. I have kept your details in case I ever need something similar for work."

EH; Visitor to Great Central Railway's Halloween 'FrightNight' Event

Meet our animals

See photographs of our animals at work

[Female Leopard Gecko - Meet The Beasts]
[Female Leopard Gecko - Meet The Beasts]
[Female Leopard Gecko - Meet The Beasts]
[Female Leopard Gecko - Meet The Beasts]

Feedback from Public & Community Events

The following feedback on community-based events includes uniformed organisations.

"You may not remember me, but you came to my secondary school about 5 years ago. I was petrified of your animals, especially your snake. You helped me overcome my fears & I wanted to let you know that I am now studying Animal Husbandry at college. As you can see [holding Geoff] I love snakes now ... but not so sure about stick insects."

(Former Secondary School Student at Great Central Railway Easter Event

"Hi Stuart, Thank you for coming last night we have had lots of great feedback from both children and their parents."

SW; Beavers Leader, Loughborough

"Dear Stuart, The kids had a great time which I heard firsthand from my daughter who was there! See you again in a year or so."

JB; Beavers Leader, Leicester

"The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts all really enjoyed your sessions. They haven't stopped talking about them two weeks later. We were so impressed with your patience and understanding that we have put a write-up in a magazine that goes to all troops in Leicestershire. So hopefully others will be able to enjoy what you have to offer. Thanks again for a great couple of nights."

SD; Scout Leader, Market Harborough

Meet our animals

See photographs of our animals at work

[Male Rankins Bearded Dragon - Meet The Beasts]
[Male Rankins Bearded Dragon - Meet The Beasts]
[Male Rankins Bearded Dragon - Meet The Beasts]
[Male Rankins Bearded Dragon - Meet The Beasts]

Feedback from Healthcare

The following feedback relates to Animal Assisted Therapy for mental health.

"The event was a huge success and enjoyed by all. Feedback from service users included, "It was great!", "I really enjoyed it" and "When can we do it again?" ... The hospital will be inviting Stuart back in the New Year."

Cygnet Hospital, Stevenage, Herts

"Thank you Stuart for coming. You and your beasts were a very big hit with the staff as well as the patients!"

Ellingham Hospital, Norfolk

Meet our animals

See photographs of our animals at work

[Male Fruit Beetle Horns - Meet The Beasts]
[Pill Millipede Curled - Meet The Beasts]
[Pink Leg Millipede Shedding - Meet The Beasts]
[Fruit Beetle Hybrid - Meet The Beasts]

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