Overcoming Fears One-to-One Sessions

We take you out of your comfort zone to help you overcome your fears & grow in confidence: one-to-one, in the comfort of your own home, all in a safe, encouraging, calm & motivating atmosphere. Your achievement at your pace.

Overcome Your Fears at Home

[One-to-one gecko handling overcoming lizard fears]We ALL have fears. They help to keep us safe. But when out of proportion & out of our control, they form a barrier to contentment & achievement.

We have helped many individuals who feel that they have 'lost out on life' because their fears held them back, but WANTED to overcome them.

If you read some of our case histories you will learn about people of all ages who found the courage & then, a new lease of life by taking the risk. You will also read stories about people who fears they had picked-up from those around them & were inspired to try new things that they hadn't dared to do before.

What to Expect

[Overcoming fears one-to-one - Meet The Beasts]We visit you & spend time getting to know a bit of your history. This helps you to be more at ease.

We then introduce you to our animals, allowing you as much time as you need to encounter them, ask questions, interact with them; whatever you want to do.

If you have a specific 'animal of fear' we will work towards that, taking you on a journey that, by the time you come to 'the big one' you are ready to face it, interact & conquer your fear.

We understand your hesitance & we understand how you feel. We too regularly have to face our own fears that hold us back. We never rush & will never push you to do something you don't want to do. However, we will push you to have a go, when you are ready & support you all the way to success, however you define it.

Our sessions make great gifts for adults. They also allow you to decide when you are ready to try, in the privacy of your own home. We encourage you to invite those special people in your life to help support you & celebrate your success. They can have a go too!

Why not speak to Meet The Beasts about how we can help you.

"I am still in shock & cannot believe yesterday was real! Thank you so much for the experience. I am sure this will enable me to stop 'lizard patrol'. I promise that if anyone I know needs similar help I will point them in your direction."

One-to-One Client, Leicestershire

We have full Public Liability Insurance, DBS Enhanced Disclosures, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here)

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