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Meet The Beasts helps your staff to face & overcome their fears, in a safe, non-threatening atmosphere, so that they can face daily challenges with confidence, be more productive, with greater satisfaction & achieve more than they (& you) thought possible.

Is Fear at Work a Problem?

[Overcoming fears & building confidence for business]This headline, from Jobsite answers the question succinctly & clearly:

'1 in 3 employees would reject their dream job if it meant facing their biggest fear, according to research conducted by Jobsite in February 2019'

Research & statistics consistently show that fear at work is a serious issue & that failure to address the 'elephant in the room' leads to significant decreases in confidence, morale & staff retention. It also leads to increased absence through illness. In 2019 (Pre-Covid) the cost of sickness absence was a median of £568 per employee.

But, turning this on its head, increased confidence motivates staff to take on tasks more effectively as individuals & in their teams. Everyone benefits.

Stuart has written a short article about Fear at Work on this web site.

Does Facing Your Fears Work?

[Overcoming fear as a team, strengthens the team - Meet The Beasts]The principle of facing your fears to reduce their negative impact & increase confidence is the basis of psychological therapy called Encounter Therapy.

The ability to face our fears is critical for success in any sphere of life, including business. Employees & customers infused with fear attack productivity at all levels. We invest time & effort teaching our staff how to reduce fear (resistance) in our customers, but we often neglect those same staff's fears.

Facing challenges individually, supported by the rest of the group, people experience a real, often life-changing sense of achievement which empowers them to face & overcome day-to-day hurdles; professionally & personally. Just as fear is transferrable, so is confidence & success.

Improving what we do involves change & change involves fear. We can only bring change when we are prepared to change ourselves & for many of us, that is a frightening thought.

Overcoming that fear helps to remove the barriers to change & therefore, the barriers to improvement. Not all of us are willing to change, but those who are, can. They are the people you want in your business, because they lead by example & motivate others to do the same. Change in one small area is contagious & will spread throughout an organisation by inspiration rather than perspiration.

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How Meet The Beasts Can Help

[Overcoming fears & building confidence for business]We enable people to change from fearful to confident. This fundamental shift in attitude influences behaviour which affects everything they do (& say).

Spiders, snakes & creepy crawlies are high on the list of many people's worst fears. We challenge your staff to step outside their comfort zones, in a safe, encouraging & reassuring atmosphere, face their fears & overcome them to build confidence & achieve something they never thought possible.

This shift in mindset is then the launch-pad for:

Our calm, patient, relaxed approach empowers participants to have a go.

All sessions & workshops are tailored to your aims & needs, providing immediate, tangible results which enable your staff to take on & enjoy new challenges & grow in their roles.

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We Also Integrate into Your Training Activities

Meet The Beasts can seamlessly integrate our activities & sessions into your existing training to add another, practical, visceral dimension, especially:

Our hands-on sessions allow your staff to experience conquering fear & feel a sense of achievement, strong foundations on which to build other skills & attributes.

All activities are safe & are run in a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere. We recognise that not everyone has the same level of passion for our animals as we do.

We work with all sizes of business & each event is customised to fit your expectations, needs & objectives. Why not contact us about we can help you?

"We were recapping events this morning ... & someone raised how the Meet the Beasts room had been so beneficial to some of the Mencap young ambassadors who came to you, in facing their fears & building their confidence. This was something we hadn't banked on but was fabulous."

JP: Land Securities Group PLC, London

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