Reptiles & Creepy Crawlies in the Community

Let our snakes, lizards & creepy crawlies (tarantulas, cockroaches, scorpions & millipedes) meet your visitors in the community: uniformed organisations, galas, fetes & fairs, clubs, societies & professional organisations. Intrigue, challenge, educational, fun, even life-changing.

We deliver what you want, providing it complies with our requirements for animal welfare (below).

Uniformed Organisations

[Reptile & Minibeast encounter activities for uniformed organisations]Explore the world of wild animals in the comfort of your hut or at camp. Stroke the scales, touch the skin, feel the power.

Meet The Beasts has a long history of working with uniformed organisations: Beavers, Brownies, Cubs, Guides, Scouts, Girls Brigade, Boys Brigade & more.

Encounter snakes, lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes & cockroaches close-up, without glass. See, touch & get hands-on where possible. We excite, challenge & educate. An engaged audience is prepared to try & our patient, calm, non-threatening approach encourages even the most timid to have a go. We reduce panic so each person can step outside their comfort zone & achieve something they did not think possible. The buzz & sense of achievement as children & leaders overcome their fears is palpable.

Our activities suit individual troops & area camps. Star of the show is usually Geoff, our large, super-friendly, placid, boa constrictor who loves to make new friends & is loved by those he meets.

We welcome & encourage you to take photographs & record those special moments.

Why not get in touch to discuss how we can help your troop, brigade, area gathering or camp.

"The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts all really enjoyed your sessions. They haven't stopped talking about them two weeks later. We were so impressed with your patience and understanding that we have put a write-up in a magazine that goes to all troops in Leicestershire. So hopefully others will be able to enjoy what you have to offer. Thanks again for a great couple of nights."

SD; Scout Leader, Market Harborough

We have full Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here)

[Meet The Beasts is Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) Approved Enhanced Disclosure]Meet The Beasts is covered by Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosures.

Galas, Fetes & Fairs

[Meet The Beasts at galas, fetes & fairs]Cause a stir, create excitement & provide an activity with life-changing potential. Meet The Beasts is guaranteed to attract visitors, help them overcome fear & grow in self-confidence, safely, at your gala, fete or fair.

Our 'activity with a difference' is fun, educational & challenging for all ages. Our snakes, lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes & cockroaches are always popular & can cause a few surprises but are guaranteed to create a buzz & engage visitors.

Our little (& not so little) scaly & creepy crawly friends have wowed thousands of visitors to fetes, galas, open days & fairs around the UK.

"I wanted to come and chat during the day but you were ALWAYS busy. Feedback has been brilliant! Thank you so much for making our gala a success."

Gala Organiser; Anstey, Leicester

Where We Work

We have provided that 'extra' attraction to a wide range of gala, fete, fair & special event organisers across the UK including:

How We Work

Meet The Beasts wants you to experience the best that we can offer so, we provide 2 different approaches, each of which is highly successful when matched to the event.

Group Sessions

A separate room is required for group sessions.

Small groups of visitors experience & encounter our animals for a short, pre-arranged period of time. We share information about the animals but focus on visitors having chance to interact & handle our reptiles & minibeasts (where possible) in a calm, friendly, expectant atmosphere.

We encourage photography & videos to record those special moments.

Small group encounter sessions provide focus are ideal where you want more of a learning experience or where a gala, fair or fete has a related theme.

Contact Meet The Beasts to discuss how we can help you

"I loved meeting Geoff & having chance to hold him. It is the first time I have ever touched a real snake & I was a bit nervous. He was quite heavy. But I did it! Thank you & I hope you will be bringing all your lovely animals again next year because I want to see them again."

Teenager: Public Fete, Leicester

One-to-One Encounters

One-to-one experiences allow large numbers of visitors to encounter our animals in their own time.

We work from a stall in a room, marquee or covered area. Our animals are on display & visitors view our animals & 'meet & greet' them as we interact with each visitor.

We can also attend your event with only one or two animals, usually our boa constrictors, Geoff & Baz. We move amongst visitors, who encounter the beasts in their own space & time.

Give us the space to roam & watch the magic.

"I was really frightened of spiders when I came to see you. I am so glad that I did because I was able to do two things I never thought I would be able to - stroke your tarantula and hold Geoff. Thank you."

Parent: Town Gala, Mansfield

Contact Meet The Beasts to discuss how we can help you

Clubs, Societies & Professional Organisations

[Inspiring & challenging clubs, societies & organisations - Meet The Beasts]Stimulating, inspirational & challenging talks & activities on fears, how to overcome them & grow in confidence.

Our sessions are directly relevant to a wide range of interests & backgrounds.

Stuart combines his broad educational, business & life experience, with his passion for clear, engaging & relevant communication, to deliver sessions with a personal connection. His talks focus on the positive & negative effects of fear in our own life, at home, at work & at play, enabling his audience to appreciate & understand that 'fear is not bad; too much fear is bad'.

All talks include opportunities to interact with at least one of our animals. Specific animal attendees are always discussed at the time of booking.

Contact Stuart to discuss how he can help you.

"Stuart, I was fascinated by what you had to say. I never realised that fear had such a grip on me. I was surprised when you told us you had brought your friend Geoff with you. I was even more surprised when I realised what he was & that I had been sharing a table with him during the evening! Thursday night was special for me. Thank you. "

Audience Member: Young Farmers' Club, Leicestershire

What About Photographic Clubs & Societies?

[Close up photograph of Asian Forest Scorpion mouthparts]Our animals provide rare opportunity for close-up photography by virtue of their shapes, colours & textures. Select your own real-life models from our snakes, tarantulas, lizards, scorpions, millipedes & cockroaches.

Our animals have many interesting, intricate & intriguing colours & patterns which produce striking effects, stunning camouflage & beautiful photographs (or videos). For example, prismatic scales, compound & nocturnal eyes, mouthparts, legs, body segments, hairs & shed skin, to name a few. Ideal for macro photography & abstract shots.

Putting Your Mind at Rest

None of the animals we bring to a photo shoot are dangerous.

Any precautions needed are explained clearly, before & at the shoot.

All animals are transported to & from your location by Stuart

You do not need to handle or touch the animals, unless you wish to.

Stuart is always on hand to help with enquiries & animal negotiations.

See some of our own photos.

See photographs of our animals working at events.

"Stuart, thanks for bringing your wonderful animals to our society. It was definitely a first for most of us, but what results! We cannot thank you enough for how you kept everyone calm so that we could really get on without worrying. An activity we will repeat in future."

Organiser; Private Photographic Society, Leicestershire

We have full Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here)

We would love the chance to enrich your photographic experience. Why not get in touch to see how we can work together?

Our Requirements

Before agreeing to attend any event, we always ensure that our animals will enjoy the event too.

Meet The Beasts is bound by the terms & conditions of the Animal Activities Licence to carefully monitor our animals & make sure that neither they, nor members of the public, are exposed to unnecessary risk or potential harm.

In order to comply with these requirements the following criteria must be fulfilled regarding our location at events:

Before accepting a booking we always ensure that our location will be:

*  We are popular at events & often attract crowds.

We have full Public Liability Insurance, DBS Enhanced Disclosure, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here)

Meet The Beasts: Contact Information

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