Neuroscience for Schools?

We help children to discover the wonders of neuroscience & how it helps us every day by using simple workshops to explain complex ideas in a way that children & young people can understand & apply. Experience learning.

Can Children Understand Neuroscience?

[Neuroscience in Action for all ages]Meet The Beasts takes neuroscience from inaccessible theory to simple practice in your classroom.

Performing simple tasks shows us how our brains work & how neuroscience affects us each day. When we experience something it becomes accessible & we relate to it. When we understand why & how it happens, we can start to consciously apply it each day to enhance our own life & those around us.

Children are no different. In many ways, they have advantages over adults. Their understanding may not be as advanced as adults, but neither are many of their barriers & habits that hinder learning.

We provide children with simple pictures or illustrations that allow them to understand, in simple terms, how things work together. We focus on communicating at their level so they begin to grasp principles & ideas. As children develop into older students, we continue to relate at their level.

So, children learn about science & scientific principles whilst enjoying themselves & having fun.

Contact Meet The Beasts about how we can bring your science to life for your pupils, students, school & daily life.

Making The Complex Easy

[Making the complex accessible to everyone]Just because something is complicated does not make it inaccessible.

Stuart, a neuroscientist by training. He is also passionate about making complex things easy so that his audience understands & enjoys what he is teaching. He uses words & practical exercises to convey what he means so that he engages each audience member in a way they understand for themselves. They can then apply that knowledge in their own relevant way.

There is status In knowing the long words & technical details, but there is also great ignorance in that status. Being our best at the expense of others (competition) may be fine for individuals in sport, but in a learning & work environment it is deadly & destructive. It is the shared knowledge which makes our learning valuable & worthwhile, because in shared knowledge the 'whole' benefits, not just one or two individuals.

There is no reason why the wonders of science cannot be made accessible to a wider audience.

This is where Meet The Beasts can help. Read on or get in contact about our practical neuroscience for children activities

Meet The Beasts: Making Neuroscience Accessible

[Practical neuroscience - Meet The Beasts]We don't all understand the science but we know the impact of when it happens.

FEAR is neuroscience in action!

Every day we experience its power to either improve our lives, or hold us back from progressing further.

Stuart uses our Beasts to demonstrate the power of epigenesis, synaptic interaction, neuronal plasticity & encounter therapy. In other words, he shows that by facing our fears we can overcome them, even those that may have a strong grip on us & grow in confidence.

Our encounter workshops are great for younger children, such as, those in primary education. They learn about the animals & experience for themselves the sense of achievement & fulfilment when they overcome their fears.

In secondary schools, we can address the impact of fear on our lives & the changes we can make by taking one or two simple, but courageous steps. Conquering fears helps us to experience more of life. We can also collaborate with science, psychology & sociology teachers to bring relevance & impact to what you are teaching, at GCSE & A-Level.

Contact Stuart to see how Meet The Beasts can bring your science to life for your pupils, students, school & daily life.

"I was amazed at how flexible you were, engaging equally effectively with A* students & those who really struggle with subjects. You caused a real stir for all the right reasons. We have even seen clear changes in confidence in some students in the short time since you visited us. Thank you."

Psychology & Sociology Lead, Manchester Secondary School

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