[Meet the Beasts - Bringing Learning to Life with Reptile & Minibeasts Encounters in Hospital Schools & Mental Health]







[Reptiles & Minibeasts in Hospital Schools - Meet The Beasts]Meet the Beasts Enables Hospital School Patients Meet & Learn About Snakes, Tarantulas, Cockroaches, Lizards, Scorpions & Millipedes.

Being in hospital need not stop people experiencing the beauty & diversity of nature first-hand.

Interaction with animals of all types is known to improve quality of life in a range of people. Research suggests that snakes are particularly effective in patients struggling with depressive illness. They promoted interaction, communication, socialising & brought a sense achievement where traditional Pets As Therapy 'furry' animals had no long-lasting benefit. This was particularly true for male patients.

If you are looking to bring learning to life, provide mental & physical stimulation, provide activities that improve confidence, socialisation & communication or simply giving those in your care a fun, fulfilling & exciting activity, we can help.


[Meet The Beasts - Testimonial from Mental Health Hospital]"The event was a huge success and enjoyed by all ... The hospital will be inviting Stuart back in the New Year"

Cygnet Hospital, Stevenage, Herts


We have full Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here).


[Meet The Beasts is Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) Approved Enhanced Disclosure]Meet The Beasts is covered by Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosures.



Learning & Education


[Reptile & Minibeast Encounters for education & Learning in Hospital Schools - Meet The Beasts]Our Animals Bring Learning to Life: Survival; Environment; Diet; Care in captivity.

Our patience & confidence, along with the gentle, placid nature of our animals creates a calm & receptive atmosphere in which the patients can relax & enjoy learning. Interaction is a major focus for our sessions, backed-up by information.

We can create & provide worksheets that meet your learning objectives & allow continued study after we have departed.


Tactile, Visceral & Socialising Experiences


[Challenging Fears & Increasing Socialising in Hospital Schools - Meet The Beasts]Our Reptiles & Minibeasts Create a Sense of Achievement & Fulfilment in Patients Through Overcoming Challenge & Fear.

Interaction with snakes, tarantulas, lizards, scorpions, cockroaches & millipedes builds confidence. It also promotes interaction & socialising with others.

We see many shy, withdrawn people start to blossom as they share their experiences with others.


Treats, Rewards & Fun


[Treats, Rewards & Fun Activities for Hospital Schools - Meet The Beasts]Treat Your Patients to a Rewarding Experience to Help Them on Their Journey Towards Improvement, Recovery or Better Mental Health.

Our animals are a great pick-me-up & source of fascination, fun & reward. They also promote confidence.

We also visit solely for patient health benefits & feel good factor.


[Meet The Beasts - Testimonial Hospital Organiser]"Thank you Stuart for coming. You and your beasts were a very big hit with the staff as well as the patients!"

Ellingham Hospital, Norfolk



Meet The Beasts customises what we do to fit what you want. Our objectives are your objectives & we always liaise with organisers beforehand to ensure that our visits are high impact, leaving a lasting impression & positive legacy.


Contact Meet The Beasts about our work in hospitals &  hospital schools ...


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