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Geoff The BoaTM

Our Large, Gentle, Friendly, Cuddly Boa Constrictor Imperator

[Meet Geoff Our Gentle Cuddly 2 Metre Boa Constrictor]Meet Geoff Our Intimidating (At First), But Ultra-Friendly Boa Constrictor who LOVES People.

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Meet Geoff The BoaTM

[Meet Geoff The Boa - Beautiful, Skin on Our Large But Very Gentle & Friendly Boa Constrictor Imperator]Meet Geoff The BoaTM Our Large, Cuddly, Gentle Boa Constrictor Imperator: In Person; Hands-On; Up-Close; No Glass.

Face Your Fears, Overcome Them & Grow in Confidence.

Geoff makes friends very easily with everyone he meets. Admire his dapper moustache & goatee beard.

Sometimes one animal is enough & Geoff is perfect for that occasion. He is large enough to impress yet small enough for easy handling. Touch him; feel him; stroke him; hold him. His slow, friendly, smooth, inquisitive nature makes him easy to encounter close-up & personal.

Great for any event where overcoming fears & building confidence is your aim. A great attraction at family days, open days, fetes, fairs or conferences. Also a perfectly behaved guest for inviting to your special events & dinners where Geoff is an excellent conversation starter.

Geoff has met thousands of people around the UK at private & public events run by schools, businesses, communities & councils. Guaranteed to make an impact wherever he appears.

Geoff is always accompanied by Stuart Wood, his handler. Stuart's science, business, research & training experience means that he understands the pressures of today. He also knows first-hand that facing fears, challenging them & overcoming them is key to personal development, success & fulfilment: in work; at home; in life. Stuart is very patient & understanding, key qualities when people encounter animals like Geoff for the first time.

Geoff The BoaTM is one of our greatest assets, helping people of all ages glide from white knuckle fear to a sense of fulfilment. We love hearing "I could never do that!" change to "I never thought I could do that!"

"I have to let you know ... we were recapping events on Thursday & someone raised how the Meet the Beasts room had been so beneficial to some of the Mencap young ambassadors who came to you, in facing their fears & building their confidence. This was something we hadn’t banked on but was fabulous."

JP; Land Securities Group PLC, London

We have full Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here)

Geoff The BoaTM in Businesses:  SMEs, PLC & Corporate

[Meet The Beasts - Overcoming Fears, Building Confidence & Increasing Your Bottom Line in SMEs & Corporate Business]Geoff The BoaTM is a Powerful, Yet Safe Way to Help Your Staff Face, Challenge & Overcome Their Fears & Grow in Confidence.

Geoff's gentle nature makes it easier for people to have a go! After conquering their fears they are empowered to take on new challenges more confidently & effectively, creating stronger teams where everyone is able to give their best to strengthen the business. Immediate & Tangible Results

This visceral exercise embeds both the awareness & knowledge that we can achieve more than we think possible, building confidence to take on new challenges & grow.

Also a brilliant, stimulating ice-breaker activity for any meeting, training & special event.

Don't miss the opportunity to try something different. It's an experience you won't forget!

Discover how Geoff The BoaTM can help your Business: Contact Meet The Beasts

"Thanks Stuart for yesterday! Our delegates loved the experience!"

EH: Super Power Event, Kensington, London

We have full Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here)

Geoff The BoaTM at Conferences & Exhibitions

[Geoff The Boa - Face Your Fears; Grow In Confidence; Spice-Up Your Conferences]Geoff The BoaTM Adds an Extra Dimension to Your Conference or Exhibition by Helping Attendees to Face, Challenge & Overcome their Fears, Leading to a Real Sense of Achievement & Greater Self-Confidence.

Word of Geoff's attendance always spreads rapidly. He is guaranteed to draw a crowd. A great attraction & great for spicing-up any Conference or Exhibition.

Our input is designed around your needs so that we deliver what you want, all in a calm, friendly, non-threatening atmosphere.

Experience the difference a meeting with Geoff can make at your conference or exhibition.

Contact Meet The Beasts for further information on Geoff The BoaTM

"Thanks Stuart. All the feedback has been great and really positive. Apologies for not having more time to spend with you but it was all hands on deck."

CH; Director; zűtmedia, Liverpool

We have full Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here)

Geoff The BoaTM at Special Events, Occasions & Parties

[Geoff The Boa at Special Events & Parties - Here with Michaela Strachan at Derby Museum]Geoff The BoaTM Will Liven-Up & Create a Real Buzz at Your Party, Speacial Occasion or Special Event

Geoff Loves These Occasions & Has Been Invited To:

Meet The Beasts is happy to liaise with Conference & Event organisers so that Geoff can appear at your events. His impressive size, gentleness & tolerant nature make him a star attraction. Look for the crowd & somewhere close you'll find Geoff.

Contact Meet The Beasts about Geoff The BoaTM at Special Events & Parties.

"I just want to say an enormous thank you for last Friday night and for your fantastic support. I must say it was the best launch event I have been to in my 20 years of working at Derby Museums and your presence with your incredible Geoff and Wesley made it even more special."

JD; Visitor Service Manager, Derby Museum

We have full Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here)

Geoff The BoaTM for Photo, Video, Advertising, TV, Films, & Radio

[Geoff The Boa for Photography Shoots, TV, Films & Stage Shows]Geoff The BoaTM Adds Impact to Your Photography, Video, TV, Film & Advertising Work.

His slow, gentle nature & trustworthiness make him ideal for working with people as a prop or addition to Photo Shoots, Films, Video, Advertising & TV work.

An impressive & beautiful snake Geoff enhances & spices-up portraits & general photographs. Also a great subject for specialist & up-close photography by Professional & Amateur Photographers, Photographic Clubs & Societies, Film & Documentary Makers & by University Art, Film & Media Departments.

Geoff is always accompanied by Stuart as handler to ensure that everything runs smoothly & participants are comfortable & safe, allowing you to focus on the all-important shoot.

Contact us about Geoff The BoaTM in photography, TV, video, advertising & film ...

"Geoff is such a beautiful & friendly snake. I never believed I would be able to get this close. When I first saw him I felt quite faint & wanted to run. So to have been able to actually hold him & get a photograph of the experience is a dream come true & something I would never have thought possible ... before today. Thank you!"

CB; Delegate At Business Event & Exhibition, Leicester

We have full Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here)

Geoff The BoaTM at Community Events, Fetes, Fairs, Galas & Retail Parks

[Geoff The Boa - Making New Friends at The Peaks Shopping Centre, Sheffield - Meet The Beasts]Geoff The BoaTM Brings Excitement, Challenge & Achievement to Your Fete, Gala, Dinner, Talk, Holiday Activity, Cubs, Scouts, Guides, Beavers Brownies, Girls & Boys Brigades ...

A large, impressive, yet placid snake Geoff is a BIG hit with everyone he meets. He also helps at talks by Stuart on fears, building confidence & general interest talks for groups & clubs e.g., Round Table, Rotary, Rotaract, Young Farmers etc.

ALL activities are run in a friendly, calm, relaxed & non-threatening environment. Our input is specifically designed around your needs so that we deliver what you want.

Geoff also appears in public at shopping centres & shopping malls. Meet The Beasts is very happy to liaise with shopping centre & retail park management to bring Geoff to a mall near you.

Contact Meet The Beasts for further information.

"It was wonderful to meet Geoff with my daughter at Crystal Peaks today. I was amazed how gentle and slow he was. My daughter was fascinated & I think she would have stayed with him all day if she had the chance. Thank you for a lovely experience. Bless you!"

Visitor; Crystal Peaks Shopping Mall & Retail Park, Sheffield

We have full Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here)

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