[Meet the Beasts - Building Confidence & Overcoming Fears Through Reptile Snake & Minibeast Encounters for Businesses]

[Meet The Beasts for Business]Further information is available on this site or our dedicated Meet The Beasts (for Business) site at www.helpconfidence.com


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[Reptile & Snake Handling Experiences for Business, Schools & Education Conferences - Face Your Fears]Meet The Beasts provides practical hands-on, sessions which help people overcome fears & grow in confidence. We attend conferences & work with conference organisers.

Our snake & reptile handling is a proven method for helping people conquer their fears, grow in confidence & become more effective at home; at work; in life.

We tailor our input to your specific needs to create effective, memorable, sometimes life-changing sessions.


A Meet The Beasts session


[Meet the Beasts - Working to overcome fears & build confidence]Helps Conference Attendees Face Fears, Overcome Fears & Build Confidence


[Meet the Beasts - Working to overcome fears & build confidence]Is Great as a Before Dinner or After Dinner Activity


[Meet the Beasts - Working to overcome fears & build confidence]Spices-Up Awards Events


[Meet the Beasts - Working to overcome fears & build confidence]Is a Great Icebreaker for Meetings & Conferences


Also great if you are aiming to help people 'Feel Good About Yourself'



[Geoff The Boa - Our Large Gentle Friendly Boa Constrictor Imperator Available On His Own]Geoff The BoaTM our large, gentle, friendly Boa constrictor is also available alone for encounters to help overcome your fears at Conferences: one-to-one & larger groups. Learn more about Geoff The BoaTM here ...



We create a non-threatening environment, understanding that not everyone is as passionate about our animals as we are!


Meet The Beasts attends conferences of all types & sizes. Our Corporate Business background helps us to understand relationships, dynamics & pressures. We can help you develop strong, confident, effective people who work effectively in teams & have a positive impact in their daily life & work.



Read real life examples of how we've helped people to face their fears, overcome them & grow in confidence


Meet The Beasts is registered & certificated under the Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925



[PDF]Meet the Beasts - Overcoming fears & Building Confidence for Conferences - Download information in PDF format (opens in new window) 0.9MB



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Dr Stuart Wood
c/o Meet the Beasts
31 Burder Street
LE11 1JH

Telephone + 44 1509 553362
Mobile: + 44 7814 628123
e-mail: dr.stu@ntlworld.com



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