British Science Week

British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. So celebrate & experience neuroscience in action in your school or laboratory. Easy-to-understand. Powerful, life-changing results.

Neuroscience in Action for All Ages

[Neuroscience in Action for all ages]Meet The Beasts changes science from theory into practice. You experience & understand neuroscience applied to everyday life & learn how to use it every day to enhance your life & those around you.

Science: you either love it or hate it.

Why do so many struggle?

We are not all made from the same mould; some have a leaning towards arts, others towards science. BUT THIS DOESN'T MEAN THAT SCIENCE SHOULD NOT BE ENJOYABLE & ACCESSIBLE.

In our experience, too many love the long words & technical details more than they love including others in their circle of knowledge. Neuroscience is a classic case in point.

There is no reason why the wonders of science cannot be made accessible to a wider audience.

This is where Meet The Beasts can help.


Read on or contact us to learn more about neuroscience activities for schools

Making Neuroscience Accessible to All

[Neuroscience for all - Meet The Beasts]We don't all understand the physics of what happens when we switch on a light, but we appreciate the power of electricity & know how to use it.

The same goes for science, particularly neuroscience.

Every day we experience its power to either improve our lives, or hold us back from progressing further.

Stuart, a neuroscientist by training, is also passionate about making complex things easy to understand by all. That is called communication.

Stuart uses our Beasts to demonstrate the power of synaptic interaction & modulation, neuronal plasticity & encounter therapy. In other words, he shows that by facing our fears we can overcome them & grow in confidence.

Contact Stuart to see how Meet The Beasts can bring British Science Week alive to your pupils & students, in your school & in your daily life.

"Everyone is still talking about Friday and how they enjoyed interacting with your friends and how accommodating you are. I love your talk at the start of the sessions and how you work on building confidence."

Science Teacher, Science Teacher, Rushey Mead Academy, Leicester

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