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Meet The Beasts:

Is a Trading Name of Waywood Enterprises Limited, Company Registration Number 6455974, Registered in England & Wales

Has full Public Liability Insurance (£1000000)

Is governed by the requirements of the UK Animal Activity Licence


- Procedures & records are available for inspection at any time by the authorities

Has up-to-date Risk Assessments for event organisers

A copy of the above documents are supplied to the event organiser(s) electronically (in PDF, JPG, PNG formats) for their records & to check compliance with appropriate records & registers.


[Meet The Beasts is Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) Approved Enhanced Disclosure]Meet The Beasts is covered by Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosures.



Dr Stuart Wood is a STEM Ambassador who has Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosure. A copy of the paper Disclosure is supplied to event organiser(s), where appropriate, in PDF format. Stuart is also on the Online Register for this service. A screenshot is provided to clients upon booking & further information can be obtained upon request.





[Rankins Bearded Dragon Boris - Meet The Beasts]Meet The Beasts Delivers High Quality, High Impact Reptile & Minibeast Activities, Sessions & Workshops Which Educate & Transform Lives in Schools, Academies, Colleges, Businesses & Community.

We enable people of all ages to face their fears & conquer them, building confidence & self-esteem through close-up encounters with our fascinating creatures: snakes, tarantulas, lizards, scorpions, cockroaches & millipedes.

Meet The Beasts is a growing business which focuses on people. We respond rapidly to all enquiries, creating bespoke activities for each client according to their needs. Professional, sensitive delivery in a calm, non-threatening, relaxed atmosphere enables engagement by people of all ages. We have seen many lives transformed, even in those who have claimed to be 'beyond help.'

Meet The Beasts is all about up-close, personal, without the glass, where seeing & looking become tactile, hands-on experiences!

Stuart combines knowledge of the Beasts, extensive work experiences & challenging life events to bring authentic, life-changing activities into your school, business, community or hospital. He is passionate about the positive benefits of encountering these beautiful creatures in the flesh.

He has enabled many people to overcome serious fears & phobias so that they can be confident to step-out & try something new: at work; at home; in life.

Read some real-life examples of How Meet The Beasts has helped adults & children face their fears, overcome them & grow in confidence.

Meet The Beasts is for all ages & all abilities, in education, business & community! It's about facing & overcoming fears, building confidence & having a go at (& achieving) something you never dreamed possible.





[Stuart Wood - Neuroscientist, Communicator, Motivator - Meet The Beasts]Stuart has a high reputation as a natural, passionate communicator & educator. His gift is to make complicated things easy to understand by people of all ages & abilities.

Stuart's broad experience across business, education & music, plus his passion for all things creepy crawly make for a memorable event.

Having trained in neuroscience, he worked for 18 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry where he designed, initiated, monitored & reported clinical trials. He was also in high demand for his presentations to students, clinicians, academics, colleagues & office staff on a wide range of work- & medicine-related subjects.

His philosophy is quite straightforward & simple:

You enjoy what you're learning, understand what you're learning & learn what you're learning! In short, you take something away with you that will make a difference to how you think & what you do.

Stuart's understanding has been forged through experience, knowledge AND personal challenges. His empathetic, patient & clear communication was shaped by 2-years of unexpected, serious depression & recovery whilst working in the Pharmaceutical Industry. More recently, in 2017, Stuart suffered a heart attack & had to undergo open-heart surgery, where recovery was slow, challenging & just occasionally not guaranteed. This combination of theory & its application ensures events which motivate, encourage & bring positive change.

By adapting his style & content to each specific audience, Stuart delivers relevant & accessible information which can be understood, remembered & applied. He is passionate about educating. And fun is high on the list!




Meet The Beasts runs a range of activities, sessions & workshops for schools, academies, colleges, business, community & healthcare.

Scroll down or Use these links to access your area of interest

In Schools: Bringing Science Topics to Life & Building Confidence
In Businesses: SMEs to Corporates. Remove Fear; Build Confidence; Increase Profits
At Conferences & Meetings: Fun, Life-Changing Encounters for Your Events
At Community & Public Events: Meeting Our Animals in Public Venues
In Healthcare Settings: NHS & Private. Care Settings; Care Homes; Hospital Schools
At Parties & Special Events: Add An Extra Dimension to your Special Occasion
For Photography, Video, Film, TV & Radio: Reptiles & minibeasts for media
Geoff The BoaTM: Geoff, Our 2 Metre Boa Constrictor Available on His Own
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[Meet The Beasts - Reptiles & Minibeast Activities for All Ages in Schools, Acacdemies & Colleges]Meet The Beasts uses Reptile & Minibeasts Encounters to Educate, Boost Confidence & Overcome Fears in Pupils & Students of All Ages.

We encourage close-encounters with our snakes, lizards, scorpions, tarantulas, cockroaches & millipedes.

We prefer to do rather than just talk.

We have the science background & communication skills to deliver memorable sessions on a wide range of topics including Minibeasts, Beast Creator, Wriggle & Crawl, Animal Care, Adaptation & Camouflage, Rainforests, Habitats & more.

Our sessions are invaluable for all pupils/students, including those with low self-esteem, low confidence, learning difficulties & those 'on the margins' with behavioural problems. Interaction with our animals facilitates social awareness & enhances communication & language skills in pupils & students of all ages. Also a powerful enrichment experience, equipping your students with enhanced knowledge, social skills & confidence.


[Meet The Beasts]"Thank you! It was brilliant. The kids were really buzzing afterwards and I think you even managed to impress our most "grumpy" staff member! Thank you also for recognising that our kids are actually quite lovely."

Science Teacher: Abington High School, Leicester


Contact Us or Learn more about our work in schools, academies & colleges ...





[Empowering Individuals & Teams to Overcome the Effects of Fear & Grow Confidence & Bottom-Line]Meet The Beasts increases self-confidence & empowerment by helping clients face their fears & overcome them.

We enable Executives, Managers & Staff to understand how fear in the workplace ultimately reduces morale, communication & trust, leading to reduced productivity & profits.

They identify the sources & able to bring about positive change.

We participate in ice-breakers, team building exercises & provide support for training. All our workshops, sessions & activities are run in a safe, non-threatening atmosphere.

For businesses of all sizes from SMEs to PLCs & Corporates: our background & flexibility enables us to provide input which dovetails with your needs.


[Meet the Beasts - Testimony from Business]"If you had told me this morning that I would be touching a snake today, let alone holding one, I would never have believed you. Thank you."

BB; Director; Business Consultancy, Nottingham


Contact Us or Learn more about our activities, sessions & workshops for businesses ...





[Helping Conference & Exhibition Attendees & Delegates Face The Fears, Overcome Them & Grow in Confidence]Meet The Beasts Creates Buzz & Excitement at Conferences, Meetings & Events.

Our activities are adaptable to your requirements & situation.

We can work with small groups in a separate room using a number of different reptiles & minibeasts.

Or we can work one-to-one with delegates & attendees in the main conference or exhibition space. We usually bring Geoff The BoaTM our gentle, friendly boa constrictor (pictured left).

Guaranteed to create interest & draw a crowd.

Inspirational; Challenging; Life-Changing. Let our animals excite & bring positive change to your event.


[Meet the Beasts - Testimonial from Great Central Railway Business Event Organiser]"You have made such a difference to our Moshi Monsters Day at the GCR today. People all over are talking about you & your animals. Every time I came in you were helping someone. You are on our list of 'must haves' for future events we run (if you'd like to come that is!)"

Events Organiser; Great Central Railway, Loughborough


Contact Us or Learn more about our activities & sessions for conferences, meetings, exhibitions & events...





[Spice-Up Your Event: Geoff with Michaela Strachan, Derby Museum - Meet The BeastsMeet The Beasts provides opportunity for interaction with our animals at fetes, galas, fairs, public attractions.

We have visited Museums, Stately Homes, Railways, Sites of Interest & Events run by Private & Public Organisations & Charities.

We also have an excellent reputation with Cubs, Scouts, Beavers, Brownies, Guides, Girls Brigades & Boys Brigades.

Our visits to professional organisations, clubs & societies spice-up before & after dinner activities.

Stuart also delivers talks on fears, their impact & how to conquer them, talks which always involve at least one of our animals.


[Meet The Beasts - Testimonial Museum Event Organiser]"I just want to say an enormous thank you for last Friday night and for your fantastic support. I must say it was the best launch event I have been to in my 20 years of working at Derby Museums and your presence with your incredible Geoff and Wesley made it even more special."

JD; Visitor Service Manager, Derby Museum


Contact Us or Learn more about our activities, sessions & events in public & community ...





[Animal Assisted Therapy & Visits to Hospitals, Mental Health Units & Care Settings - Meet The Beasts]Meet The Beasts Supports Staff & Healthcare Professionals in Hospitals, Mental Health Units & Care Homes, through Provision of Animal Assisted therapy Sessions Using Reptiles & Minibeasts.

Interaction with animals stimulates communication & social interaction, especially in patients suffering with depressive illness.

Our lessons & activities for hospital schools bring learning to life & are great fun. In a mental health setting, they also help to stimulate communication & increase community interest.

We are also very happy to visit your hospitals, hospices & residential homes simply for patients to enjoy encountering our animals one-to-one.

All sessions are run in an open, calm, safe, non-threatening environment.


[Meet the Beasts]"The event was a huge success and enjoyed by all. Feedback from service users included, "It was great!", "I really enjoyed it" and "When can we do it again?" ... The hospital will be inviting Stuart back in the New Year"

Cygnet Hospital, Stevenage, Herts


Contact Us or Learn more about our activities & sessions in healthcare settings ...





[Reptiles & Minibeasts at Your Special Events & Parties - Meet The Beasts]Meet The Beasts Attends Parties & Special Events Held by Organisations, Businesses, Clubs & Societies. Also Retirement, Birthday & Wedding Parties & Events for Individuals.

Choose your visitors. Experience close-up & in-person our snakes, tarantulas, lizards, scorpions, cockroaches & millipedes. Or invite Geoff The BoaTM on his own to woo your guests & create a buzz.

Our requirements for attendance at children's birthday parties are quite strict for protection of animals & attendees & maximising the enjoyment & encounters for all present. For details of our attendance requirements please see here.

Stuart speaks at dinners & meetings on a wide range of subjects surrounding overcoming fears & adversity. All talks include at least one of our animals.


[Meet The Beasts - Testimonial Private Party Customer]"I wanted to text you to say thanks. You guys were awesome; it really made the party. Before you are inundated with requests for next Halloween, can you pencil me in again for next year? Thanks again; you guys did an amazing job and I'll say so to my friends."

JO; Private Halloween Party Customer, Loughborough


Contact Us or Learn more about our activities & sessions for parties & special occasions ...





[Reptiles & Minibeasts for Video, TV, Film, Photography & Radio - Meet The Beasts]Meet The Beasts Provides Our Snakes, Tarantulas, Lizards, Scorpions, Cockroaches & Millipedes for Video, Film, TV, Photography, Advertising & Radio: professional & amateur.

Provide portraits with a difference.

Ideal for close-up photography.

Make your videos STAND OUT.

Add interest, emotion & challenge to your media.

Meet the Beasts is covered by Full Liability Insurance & Animal Activity Licence.

Our slow, placid snakes are ideal for interacting with people & keeping emotions cool on-set. All animals come with a handler & are used to being photographed & filmed.


Contact Us or Learn more about our animals & activities for Photography, Film, TV, Video & Radio ...




[Geoff The Boa - Our Large Gentle Friendly Boa Constrictor Imperator Available On His Own]Meet The Beasts' own gentle giant.  Geoff the BoaTM always draws a crowd! Although many may want to run, they rarely need more than a minute before they are drawn to him.

He attends all our sessions with his friends, but he is also available on his own in schools, businesses, conferences, public & community, fetes, galas, fairs, TV, video, film, photos, parties, dinners, special events ...

Face & conquer your fears, build confidence, enjoy holding him, create a buzz, spice up your event or occasion.


[Meet The Beasts - Testimonial Business Family Open Day Client]"Everyone fell in love with Geoff. He is so gentle & friendly. I was a bit anxious when I first met him but he is such a gentle giant. We always knew where he was by the crowd of people around him. He made our event. Thank you."

HR: UPS; East  Midlands Airport, UK


Contact Us or Learn more about how Geoff The BoaTM & how he can make your event extra special ...





Dr Stuart Wood
c/o Meet The Beasts
31 Burder Street
LE11 1JH

Telephone + 44 1509 553362
Mobile: + 44 7814 628123
e-mail: stuart@meetthebeasts.com



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